Friday, September 10, 2010

JT Update


We just wanted to let you know we love you and are so thankful we have you as we are going through all of this with JT. When we went in to see the doctor on August 15 to see if his second surgery was successful we found out that JT’s cancer didn’t do what it was supposed to do. In general cancer in an organ, in this case Follicular cancer in the Thyroid, will infest the entire organ before finding more tissue to infect. His went about 2/3 through and decided it wanted out “escaping the thyroid capsule” and headed for his neck tissue. So in order to try and stop it from growing, we will be headed to Seattle Children’s Hospital where he will undergo radiation treatment. In order to prep for this JT has had to go on a very strict diet.


Iodized salt, sea salt. Milk or other dairy products, including ice cream, cheese, yogurt, etc. Eggs, seafood, including fish, shellfish, kelp, or seaweed. Foods that contain the additives carrageenan, agar-agar, algin, alginate, Cured and corned foods (ham,, lox, corned beef, sauerkraut) breads made with iodated dough conditioners, foods and medications containing red food dyes, Chocolate, Molasses, Soy products (soy sauce, soy milk) Do not eat at restaurants.

This was pretty hard at first but we are finding that fresh fruits and veggies and homemade breads are really quite tasty. He will have to stay on this diet until after the second dose of radiation.

We head out tomorrow (September 6). We will be there from September 6-23. He will have quite a few dr. visits. His schedule will be:

7th- blood work then his first dose of radiation. This will only be a small dose to survey the tissue remaining where his thyroid used to be.

10th-he will be put under the cameras in the nuclear medicine clinic and this will tell them how much of the cancer is remaining. He will have to lie on a table for approximately 1 hour.

14th-more blood work to check for TSH and to measure tumor markers (thyroglobulin) then he will have a clinic visit with the dr to go over the results from the scan and to prep him for the next day.

15th-he will have the therapeutic dose of radiation at this time where he will be admitted to the hospital where he will stay in a lead lined room where he will have to remain until he is no longer radioactive. They believe it could take between 2-4 days. He will be in isolation and will not be allowed visitors, not even me. I will, however, be in the next room to him where they tell me I will be able to see him and talk with him on the telephone. He will be discharged with the restriction of not being around small children, people with illnesses, or pregnant woman for another 2-4 days. So he will just hang out in the hotel room with me.

22nd-he will have another full body scan this one will be slightly longer at 1 ½ hours. He will need more blood tests to check markers and then he will have another clinic visit.

We will be staying at the same hotel for the entire visit and I have checked with them (because many of you have asked) and they said it would be ok to send correspondence to JT at the following address:

Jimmie Rosenbruch

C/O Hotel Nexus

2140 N. Northgate Way

Seattle, Washington 98133

We love all of you and feel truly blessed to have you in our lives. Bud will be out working so my Best friend Wendy Dalton flew up here, leaving behind her own family, to take care of the three kiddos AND to work for me while we are gone. We will never be able to express our gratitude for all of you.

We love you!!

Bud, Jackie, JT, Jakob, Joshua, and Jayden


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how is Jt doing and JT call me at home is 702-395-4140