Sunday, January 10, 2010

Daniel D. Acquiring Two Wives At Once (by accident)

Recently Jordanne went and visited Aunt Annie and she related the story Aunt Annie told her about Daniel D. acquiring two of his wives at the same time. Daniel had been away for some time (I'm not sure if it was a mission or work) and when he returned to Salt Lake City the Prophet, Brigham Young, told him on a Saturday to appear at the Endowment House on Tuesday with another wife. Daniel told him that he didn't know anyone in Salt Lake to marry and Brigham Young told him to appear on Tuesday with a wife.

Daniel went home and told his second wife (his first one had passed away) what the prophet told him and she said that he could marry one of two girls that had been really helpful to her while he was gone. Daniel went to the first of these, our great-grandmother, and asked her parents for permission to marry her. Her parents thought that she was too young at 14 to get married so they told him "no." Daniel left their house and immediately went to the next girl's house to ask her parents. They told him "yes" so they made the arrangements to meet the following Tuesday. As he was leaving her house, the first girl's parents arrived and told him that since the Prophet had told him to get a wife it would be okay with them. So instead of just one wife, Daniel obtained two.

So Daniel D. married the second girl first because she said "yes" first and our ancestor second.