Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a boy! and a boy!

Andee recently gave birth to her cute twin boys and this what she had to say about it:

Thing are going good here at the hospital. The boys are progressing really well. They have needed a bit of help since they were a little early, but every thing is doing good. They were born August 15, 2009, Gunnar was born at 4:19 pm and McKabe was born at 4:22 pm. Gunnar weighed in at 5 lbs even. McKabe at 4 lbs and 15 oz. both measured at 18 3/4 inches. Both have blonde hair as you will see in the pictures. Gunnar is in the green blanket and McKabe is in the blue blanket. For the most recent pictures and happenings check the blog. if you need the address and approval to view it, let me know and I will add you, but give me a day or so.


(I am posting this eleven days late, sorry, life has been busy)