Sunday, February 8, 2009

Once upon a time....

Malea's version of the proposal:

I was really frustrated at work and Bob came in with roses, what a surprise to take one's breath away! I was so grateful. We had a date Wednesday night (last night, February 4) and Bob drove me to the red rocks and we began to hike and climb up the rock face until we reached the unicorn lair that we had located before (this may sound really cheesy or otherwise imaginary to others, but it is how we are, so this is how it occurred to my ultimate delighted pleasure) after we found a rock to sit on, we watched the sun in the process of setting and Bob brought forth a storybook that we began to write on our date before to this area. The storybook already had some writing and drawings from before, but Bob had added more to the story to my surprised pleasure.

So we took turns reading the adventures of Bubble Knight and Pumpkin Knight when the story was taking on a real meaning. The page read, "He took a box out of his pocket. . . " at this point, Bob asked if we could move to a little cove and as we did, he bent on one knee and said, "Malea, I have a very important question to ask you. Will you marry me?" Without hesitation or a pause, I responded, "Yes. Eternally, yes." He picked, me up, twirled me around, we heard a bird singing in the background! ( I believe the angels were joining in the chorus) Then we ran into a bush, he then put me down and put the most GORGEOUS ring on my finger. After this happening, I opened up the book again to see that the book outlined the part to, "Will you marry me?" Then it ended, what a cliff hanger! but now is the time for us to continue writing the ending to the story which is to be eternally continued. . . . :)


Terry and Kim said...

Congrats, Malea!! What a cute engagement story! So happy for you two!!

Mia said...

Thank you so very much! I love your family pictures! Very nice!