Sunday, October 5, 2008

Scotland Here We Come (in 2012).

Calling all McArthurs! It has been suggested (and I fully agree) that we should go do England and Scotland on a family vacation. If we plan on going in 2012 this should give everyone enough time to save up their money. The Olympic Games will be held in London that year so it has been suggested that we go about a month before the Olympics so we can see the structures they will be using but not have to pay the high prices of the actual games themselves.

The photo I have attached to this posting is of Dunstaffnage Castle, this castle located in Scotland is the castle that the McArthur Clan was awarded for it's support of Robert the Bruce. Unfortunately, when King James I attempted to subdue the clans of highlands in the 15th Century the McArthur Clan bore the brunt of his attempt and lost control of the castle. The castle ruins still stand and are available for us to go see.

Let's get saving and see how many of us can go!

By Faith and Works